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About MindPrime

grlbook.gif (4632 bytes)MindPrime arose from a cry for help

It is a company organized in response to parent's repeated request: "What can I do to help my child at home?"  Certainly there are numerous educational materials, print and software on the market today to fill this need.

Or are there?

Ask families whose children don't have the core abilities to use these programs, to read and follow the directions designed for the normal achieving child. And how do you know which programs to choose to address your child's specific needs, and in what order? Parents repeatedly express their frustration at feeling fragmented in their approach to helping their child.

Teachers have a huge task adapting their subjects for the 20-150 individual personalities they see in school daily.   Imagine for a moment that you had a program laid out for you with each essential skill needed to conceptualize, organize and express ideas.  A program you , a parent, could use without being dependent on the ability or energy level of this year's teacher to prepare and send material home to use.

Now imagine that each step in the developmental process was broken down so that you could focus on one concept at a time. You don't have to drive your son or daughter anywhere to take advantage of this process. You can use it at home – using some weekday time and some weekend time when you have a little more flexibility. You can track your child's progress and easily update your daughter or son's teacher every week.

Well, that program is MindPrime's IDEACHAIN,which is now available. MindPrime's mission is to empower individuals by improving their ability to learn. MindPrime develops, markets, and supports products that create significant improvement in learning ability and are accessible, affordable and inviting.

MindPrime was begun and developed by Jane and Huber Wilkinson, a couple with complementary talents in education and business.

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